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The product of an 18-month intensive research effort, ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ is a unique blend of bio-oils designed for rejuvenating high RAP/RAS paving mixes. It is designed for rapid permeability into mixes with high recycles content, where it rejuvenates/reactivates aged asphalt and helps reduce virgin asphalt requirements. This top product helps lower the stiffness of RAP/RAS mixes and improves workability. A liquid product of prime, “GREEN” ingredients only, ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ has a very low odor. It is widely compatible with the many asphalts and additives commonly used in paving formulations. This top liquid product is suitable for all Hot Boxes, IR Heating Units and Recyclers and has found use in Emulsions, Scrub, Fog and Chip Seals. A free-flowing liquid at ambient conditions, it is available in bulk shipments and totes. Trial quantities available upon request.

Please note that the ReLIXER™ product is marketed under the brand names ReLIXER™ or ReJUVN8™ in various countries around the world.

Low Temperature Grade Comparisons

ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ significantly improves binder low temperature grade.

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Don’t Just Recycle… Upcycle with ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™

By any measure, ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ has superior low temperature & aging characteristics.

*All additives used at 5%

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RAP/RAS Mix results with ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™

High RAP/RAS mix designs with ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ offer outstanding performance in a wide range of mixes.

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ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ in 100% RAP

ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ in 100% RAP mixes can cost effectively meet specifications. No virgin AC needed! Stellar compaction, Rut Resistance and Fracture Toughness properties!

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Aging Behavior of Asphalts with ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™

ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ in asphalt demonstrates outstanding long term aging properties.

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ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ in RAS Mixes

Many asphalts will exhibit some amount of crack healing, especially the softer ones, but ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ can dramatically improve this behavior, especially with stiff RAS mixes!

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Incorporating ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ at the Mix Plant

ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ is a versatile liquid rejuvenator engineered to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Where to incorporate ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™?

  • From bulk storage tank into Bitumen tank using anti-strip pump.
  • From tote fitted with appropriate pump injection into Pug Mill.
  • Inline blending into the Bitumen line.
  • Sprayed onto the RAP/RAS on the conveyor belt (100% RAP mixes).

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ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ in Medium Traffic Mix

Medium traffic Mix measured using 45% binder replacement in a -34ºC climate design, shows that ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ provides outstanding fracture toughness properties even after aging.