Compatibilizer & Dispersion Aid for Polymer & Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Reduce Viscosity​
Improve Low Temperature Properties.

Improve Polymer & Crumb Rubber Compatibility & Stability

ReNUBIT® is a proprietary blend of petrochemical oils, designed to improve polymer and crumb rubber compatibility and stability. It is effective with a wide range of bitumen from around the world.  It is used for both paving and roofing applications. ​​

In paving applications, ReNUBIT® delivers exceptional solvency and stability to polymers and crumb rubber formulations, while reducing viscosity and improving low temperature properties. It decreases stiffness in poor quality binders, while strengthening failure, fatigue and cracking resistance in mixes. 

The addition of ReNUBIT® to compounds in roofing applications helps reduce viscosity and eases polymer dispersion. ReNUBIT® improves tack and adhesion properties, produces softer grades of bitumen, improves low temperature cracking resistance and results in better adhesion to a variety of substrates. It also functions as an effective cutter in bitumen, aiding in increased filler loadings. 

Please note that the ReNUBIT® is also marketed under the brand name ReGENR8™ in certain regions around the world.

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Enhance Roadway Performance & Durability


Effective Viscosity Cutter

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