Asphalt Rejuvenator
Recycling Agent

Environmentally Sustainable.​
User Friendly & Easy to Use.​
Excellent Roadway Performance.​
Outstanding Durability.​
Helps Reduce Mix Cost​

Restore and Reuse with ReLIXER Asphalt Rejuvenator / Recycling Agent

Our asphalt rejuvenator / recycling agent, ReLIXER, is a specially formulated elixir of bio-based oils, a Recycling Agent that rejuvenates the aged bitumen in Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS). Tested and proven, Sripath’s ReLIXER is the market-leading asphalt rejuvenator / recycling technology – trusted by customers worldwide, and backed by peerless technical support.

A result of intensive research and development, ReLIXER has been used with proven reliability over tens of thousands of lane miles worldwide, since 2016.

Roadways paved with high-RAP Mixes containing ReLIXER demonstrate excellent low temperature properties and aging performance. ReLIXER is highly efficient at low dosing levels, non-hazardous, safe to handle and easy to incorporate into a Mix plant. It helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and generates an overall lower carbon footprint

Sustainable solutions are now the most cost-effective. ReLIXER makes it possible.

ReLIXER is engineered to rapidly penetrate RAP particles and restore the functional balance of properties to the aged RAP bitumen. ReLIXER allows the use of high-RAP mixes, helps reduce amount of virgin bitumen and aggregates required, thus, reducing overall cost of the Mix.

Please note that our asphalt rejuvenator / recycling agent, ReLIXER®, is also marketed under the brand name ReJUNV8® in certain regions of the world​.

Properties & Performance

ReLIXER®: An Elixir of Bio-Based Oils

The Ideal Asphalt Recycling Agent

Environmentally Friendly

  • Blend of Green Bio-Based Oils

  • No Burden on Food Sources

  • No Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Lower GHG & Carbon Footprint

Helps Reduce Mix Cost

  • Designed for High RAP Mixes

  • Reduces Virgin Bitumen Requirements

  • Reduces Need for Fresh Aggregates

User Friendly

  • Highly Efficient at Low Dosing Levels

  • Easy Incorporation in a Mix Plant

  • Non-Hazardous, Safe to Handle

  • Compatible with All Grades of Bitumen and RAP from Around the Globe

Excellent Roadway Performance

  • Improves Low Temperature Properties

  • Excellent Aging Properties

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Key Features

  • Permeates rapidly into aged bitumen restoring functional performance

  • Reduces the need for virgin bitumen

  • Reduces mix costs with no impact on performance

  • Compatible with bitumen world-wide

  • Compatible with all existing production machinery

  • Supports worker safety with responsible solutions

  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels

  • Keeps Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Shingles (RAP/RAS) out of landfills

  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, and overall energy consumption

Expectations of an Ideal Rejuvenator or Recycling Agent

How ReLIXER Works

Rejuvenating Technology