Green Bio-Oil Naturally Enhance Bitumen Properties

Polymer Compatibilizer.​
Low Temperature Aid.​
Viscosity Modifier.

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A Green Bio-Oil Modifier to Enhance Properties of Bitumen

NuMIXER® is a blend of prime bio-oils, designed to enhance the properties of bitumen for roofing and paving applications. 

NuMIXER is used to improve  elastomer and crumb rubber compatibility and dispersion, reduce and manage viscosity, and improve low temperature properties.  It delivers long term durability, overall better performance, improved cold weather performance, excellent failure resistance, outstanding fatigue properties, and imparts improved cracking resistance to the roadway. ​​

For roofing applications, NuMIXER improves cold ductility, flexibility, and adhesion to a range of substrates. By lowering the viscosity, it also supports higher filler loadings. 

NuMIXER is an environmentally friendly product, with very low odor, no VOC and safe for workers. As a free-flowing liquid under most conditions, with a high flash point it is easy to use in Plant operations. 

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Enhance Roadway Performance & Durability


Impart Flexibility, Reduce Cracking & Enhance Adhesion

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