Who We Are

Better Asphalt Through Engineered Materials
Our mission is simple – find solutions. Problems excite us.

Sripath thrives on the challenge of confronting long-standing issues facing the bitumen and asphalt industry, and then engineering additive solutions through research, innovation and testing. Sripath has been developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of innovative additives, such as: rejuvenators, oils, and polymers to enhance the performance of bitumen for paving and roofing applications. Since 2006, Sripath’s engineered portfolio of additives has been tested, evaluated, and vetted by leading experts in academia, industry and transportation agencies from around the world. These products are trusted and used on asphalt roadways across the globe.

Better additives make better asphalt.

Sripath Technologies® offers products to:

  • Rejuvenate Reclaimed Asphalt
  • Control viscosity of Bitumen
  • Create Polymer Modified Bitumen
  • Enhance Low temperature properties of bitumen
  • Improve softening point and penetration of bitumen
  • Enhance stress relaxation and ductility of bitumen
  • Allow for ease of use
  • Improve workability
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower overall costs

These benefits are true of our products for both roofing and paving applications. We are responsible stewards of the environment and our products offer lasting environmental benefits.

With access to a proven global logistics network, we offer reliable and on-time deliveries. We draw upon world-renowned technical experts to develop, design and test products unique to the asphalt industry. We are intimately familiar with the various state, national and international regulatory agencies, and their key analytical specifications, tests and analyses.

Our executives and contributors have multi-decades of local and international experience and knowledge in the asphalt industry, both in roofing and paving applications. Sripath® has been active in the asphalt marketplace for over two decades and can utilize this industry insight to provide customers with cost-effectively and innovative solutions.


Guiding Principles

Sripath® provides customers with proven, unique and efficient additives for improving bitumen and asphalt in paving, roofing and specialty applications. Our calling card is innovation. We provide technical assistance internationally and guidance in the use of our products, solving your asphalt related issues while providing dedicated customer service and seamless logistical support.

Value Proposition

  • We serve the bitumen, infrastructure, building materials, and construction industries.

  • We develop solutions for long-standing problems faced by these industries.

  • We manufacture and market innovative products.

  • Our products are engineered to be dosage efficient and easy to use in a plant operation.

  • Our products offer our customers the potential to reduce cost.

  • We are guided by environmental sustainability principles and circular economy concepts.

Products For Paving

A line-up of unique and versatile Rejuvenators, Polymers,  Oils and Anti-Strip Agents that deliver vital, wide-ranging property enhancements.

Products For Roofing

Sripath®’s products for roofing have been proven to provide dramatic benefits in a wide range of diverse formulations used in various roofing products.

Product Catalog

We offer leading-edge thinking, formulation support and unique insight into the ways in which our products may be leveraged to offer you performance and cost advantages.

Core Competencies

  • Research and Technical Expertise

  • Innovative Products & Solutions

  • Industry Insight

  • Global Reach

  • Customer-Centric Organization

  • Outstanding Technical Service

Sripath Technologies® is a proud member of several organizations and trade groups. Our products have been successfully tested, evaluated/listed by industry-leading organizations, universities, and regulatory bodies.