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Asphalt Rejuvenators, Additives for Roofing
& Paving Solutions

Sripath Technologies® is pleased to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for your asphalt formulation and mix challenges.

Paving Solutions
Roofing Solutions
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Learn how our paving solutions solve common challenges by clicking the chart.

Our ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ product is an effective liquid asphalt rejuvenator for high RAP and RAS mixes.

Is your mix too stiff? Do you need to adjust the PG Grade(m-value) of your asphalt? Our ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ and NuMIXER™ products offer easy to handle, cost-effective solutions.

Our top ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ and NuMIXER™ oils find uses in paving emulsions, scrub seals, fog seals and chip seals.

Our best-in-class ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ and ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ are suitable for all Hot Boxes, Recyclers, and IR Heating Units

Need to improve rutting resistance? Learn about our PGXpand® and PGXtend® products for your complex needs.


Learn how our roofing solutions solve common challenges by clicking the chart.

Easily adjust your softening point and penetration profile with our cost-effective PGXpand® product.

Runaway viscosity increases associated with polymer modification are a thing of the past with Sripath® Roofing Asphalt Solutions.

Our ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ and NuMIXER™ products improve cold temperature properties, including low-temperature cold mandrel bend properties and cold temperature adhesion.

Our ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ product increases the polymer compatibility of your asphalts.

Higher filler loadings are possible with Sripath® polymers, even while increasing the softening points of your formulations. Check out our innovative, best-in-class polymers PGXpand® & PGXtend®.

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Rejuvenate. Reduce. Reuse.


“RAP usage during the 2019 construction season is estimated to have reduced the need for 4.5 million tons (24 million barrels) of asphalt binder and more than 84 million tons of aggregate…”  (NAPA)

Find out how our ReLIXER™ asphalt rejuvenator helps empower increased RAP levels in the mix!

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