Green Bio-Oil Naturally Enhance Bitumen Properties

Polymer Compatibilizer.​
Low Temperature Aid.​
Viscosity Modifier.

NuMIXER™ For Paving Applications

NuMIXER® is a blend of prime bio-based “Green” oils designed for efficacy, permanence and ease of use in asphalt paving applications. A free-flowing liquid at ambient conditions, it is available for shipments in bulk or in totes.​

NuMIXER® enhances low temperature properties and lowers viscosity of bitumen. It improves the fracture toughness and fatigue resistance of roadways. It enhances polymer and crumb rubber compatibility and dispersion.​

NuMIXER® is compatible with a wide variety of asphalts and additives commonly used in the paving industry.  It is also used for wide range of Repair & Maintenance Applications.

Product Highlights

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