PGXpand® Polymer​
for Paving Applications​

Outstanding Rutting Resistance​
Excellent Fatigue Properties​
Durable Roadways​
Lowers Viscosity​
Improves Workability of Mix

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PGXpand® Polymer: A Unique Additive for Paving Applications

PGXpand® is a uniquely engineered innovative plastomeric polymer designed to enhance high temperature performance of bitumen without impacting low temperature properties.  PGXpand® Modified Bitumen Mixes deliver roadways with outstanding rutting resistance, fatigue properties and durability.  PGXpand lowers viscosity, improves workability, and makes it easier to pave and compact the Mix.

PGXpand® is highly dosage efficient, storage stable and easily mixes into bitumen using low shear mixers and short mixing times.  It helps lower energy consumption, reduces production and transportation costs, and improves workability.

PGXpand® Modified Bitumen is also used in hot spray seal applications on roadways.  PGXpand® Modified Emulsions are used for repair and maintenance applications in the paving industry. 

Properties and Performance

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