Roofing & Building Envelope Solutions

Membranes That Withstand the Test of Time and Weather

Better Performance, Durability and Cost-Efficiency

As a leader in novel additives for the bitumen and asphalt industries, Sripath® has a long history of identifying the problems facing roofing manufacturers and contractors, then developing engineered solutions that improve performance, ease installation, and realize actual economic savings. Roofing material and building envelope manufacturing is streamlined and the production process eased. Contractors realize similar benefits with a simplified, hassle-free installation and fewer call-backs. 

Sripath’s comprehensive line of oils and polymers are engineered to provide dramatic benefits to roofing and waterproofing membranes. Improve high temperature performance, without degrading low temperature properties. Get better flexibility and adhesion at lower temperatures. Increase filler loadings and improve compatibility with traditional elastometric polymers. Alter the softening-point penetration profile to expand the range of usable bitumen.

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Superior Roofing Compounds for Penetrations, Scuppers and Vertical Wall Junctions

Provides enhanced ductility to accommodate high stresses in critical areas of the roof

Waterproofing / Self Adhering Membranes

Comprehensive line of additives to improve property-cost profile of your compounds

High Temperature Underlayment Membranes

Superior Heat-resistant membranes for demanding applications….easier to manufacture and lower cost too

Great Mopping Bitumen

Low viscosity formulations makes application easier