Why Sripath?

Performance.  Durability.  Usability.  Sustainability.  Lower Costs.

In both the Roofing and Paving arena, the declining quality and availability of bitumen is forcing manufacturers and contractors to look for innovative solutions that address challenging performance, durability and cost related problems. Sripath’s core mission is to design and develop innovative products which solve these and other long-standing issues facing the bitumen and asphalt industry.

We provide our customers with ready-to-implement solutions for the problems they routinely face and the ability to easily incorporate our products into their applications.  We offer regulatory agencies the ability to rely on a portfolio of innovative products that are tested and vetted by leading experts and have been proven and used for roofing and paving applications around the globe.

Increasingly our customers are required to do more with less: handle increased demand and stringent specifications for paving and roofing applications, deal with raw material shortages, face inconsistencies in bitumen and aggregate quality, make roads and roofs more dependable and durable, embrace circular economy concepts, and be more environmentally responsible.  In finding viable solutions for these situations, Sripath Technologies is clearly your partner of choice.

With our innovative portfolio of products, we are the preferred supplier for a wide range of customers, including: refiners, terminal operators, polymer-modified-bitumen producers, emulsion manufacturers, paving contractors, repair & maintenance shops, and roofing product manufacturers.

We strive to develop and offer products that are environmentally sustainable, deliver performance and durability, help lower overall cost, and are easy and safe to use.  We are known for providing outstanding customer service and excellent technical support, around the globe, 24/7/365.

We Make Asphalt Better.  Our products help you Make Better Mixes and Compounds. Delivering performance, durability, usability, sustainability, and lower costs – that’s the Sripath Edge.

Outstanding Performance
Durable Solutions.

  • Reduced Rutting & Raveling on Roads

  • Improved Crack Resistance & Damage Tolerance

  • Better Adhesion, Bonding & Tack

  • Superior Repair and Maintenance Profiles

Easy to Manufacture.
Easy to Use

  • Lower Energy Consumption During Paving & Manufacture

  • Easy to Incorporate into Plant Operations

  • Improved Year Around Product Utilization

Lower Life Cycle Costs.
Improved Profitability.

  • Lower Energy & Production Costs

  • Reduced Maintenance Frequency

  • Improved Sourcing Options for Raw Materials

  • Utilize Higher Levels of Recycled Materials

Environmentally Sustainable.
Safe for Workers.

  • No VOC. Low GHG. Low CF options.

  • Lower Temperatures of Production and Compaction

  • Safer Chemistries for Worker Handling and Use

More Profitable Operations

  • Enlarge the pool of sourcing options for your Raw Materials
  • Profitable strategies for Waste Products Utilization
  • Lower energy usage

  • Lower production Costs

  • Wider seasonal envelope for product utilization