Extraordinary Performance​
in Demanding Paving Environments

Stronger Adhesion of Aggregates.​
Reduce Moisture Damage.​
Improve Fuel Resistance.


Stronger Bonding of Bitumen with Aggregates

SriCote®, an amine-free anti-strip agent, enhances the bonding between the bitumen and aggregate in a paving Mix, offering improved protection against raveling, rutting, and pothole formation. SriCote® helps minimize damage typically caused when road pavements are exposed to moisture and fuel.  It improves long-term roadway performance and durability, delivering longer-lasting roadways with smoother rides.

The ability of SriCote® to enhance moisture and fuel resistance of roadways, makes it an ideal additive for demanding applications such as airports and seaports, where pavements are prone to exposure from fuel and liquids. It significantly improves values measured by Wet Strength, Hamburg Wet Wheel Rutting, Aggregate Stripping, and Tensile Strength Retention (TSR) tests.  SriCote is highly dosage efficient and is compatible with a wide range of bitumen and Polymer Modified Binders (PMB) from around the globe. 

SriCote® is easy to use, safe to handle, smokeless and odorless in hot bitumen, and poses no known health concerns. It does not affect the binder grade.  It is stable at the processing and paving temperatures.  A liquid at ambient conditions, it is easily pumpable from bulk tanks or totes

Properties & Performance

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