Green Bio-Oil Naturally Enhance Bitumen Properties

Polymer Compatibilizer.​
Low Temperature Aid.​
Viscosity Modifier.

NuMIXER® for Roofing Applications

NuMIXER® is a blend of prime bio-based “Green” oils designed for efficacy, permanence and ease of use in asphalt roofing applications. A free-flowing liquid at ambient conditions, it is available for shipments in bulk or in totes.

NuMIXER® enhances low temperature properties and lowers viscosity of roofing formulations. It enhances polymer compatibility and dispersion.  It also adds flexibility to flashing compounds to better accommodate thermal and physical stresses.  It enhances adhesion of roofing membranes to a variety of substrates.

NuMIXER® is compatible with a wide variety of asphalts and additives commonly used in the roofing industry.  It reduces the system viscosity, incorporates easily into the bitumen, has a high Flash Point, and is easy to use.

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