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Asphalt Rejuvenator / Recycling Agent.
Polymer Modifier.
Innovative Products.
Paving & Roofing Solutions.

Sripath Technologies® offers innovative, cost-effective products to enhance the performance of bitumen.

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Paving Solutions

Cost Effective. Durable Performance. Easy to Use.

Roofing Solutions

Economical. Efficient. Excellent Performance.

Asphalt Recycling Agent

Industry Leader in Rejuvenation Technology


Innovative. User Friendly. Global. Cost Effective.

Who We Are

Mission and Values

Our Global R&D Network & Partnerships

Our products are designed to be cost-effective, be easy to use, have global appeal, be sustainable, and deliver durable performance.

Our portfolio of products & technologies are routinely tested, vetted & approved by leading global experts from academia, industry & regulatory agencies.

Our products are trusted & used on roadways by our customers worldwide.

Sripath Around the World

Sripath Technologies® is a proud member of several organizations and trade groups. Our products have been successfully tested, evaluated/listed by industry-leading organizations, universities, and regulatory bodies.

Sripath Group of Companies

Proudly serving our customers across the globe.

Americas & Africa

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