RAP use in the creation of new pavement dates back to the Romans, but a renewed interest in the reuse of the asphalt in RAP has undergone a transformation with newer technologies and understanding of Rejuvenation. To comprehend why, one must understand how asphalt pavement ages.

The aggregate in asphalt pavement do not change with age. Since most Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) comes from approved projects, quality of the aggregates can be assumed to be high and acceptable. Due to exposure to the elements and traffic over time, the bitumen binder in the RAP oxidizes and changes both physically and chemically. The aged binder becomes stiff, more brittle, and no longer acts as a binder. ​

For many years, technical requirements dictated that only 10-20% RAP be incorporated into a mix. To incorporate higher levels of RAP, a Rejuvenator / recycling agent additives needs to be added to the mix to soften and restore the properties of the aged RAP bitumen.​

Rejuvenators allow users to recycle aged bitumen in High Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) mixes by restoring its adhesive, fracture toughness, and durability characteristics.

Restore & Reuse with


  • An Elixir of bio-based oils.

  • Permeates rapidly into RAP and restoring functional performance of bitumen

  • Reduces the need for virgin bitumen and fresh aggregates

  • Reduces mix costs with no impact on performance

  • Compatible with bitumen world-wide

  • Safe to ship, handle, store and use

  • Environmentally Sustainable.  No burden on food sources.

  • Keeps RAP & RAS out of landfills

  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint

  • Reduces overall energy consumption

  • Easy to incorporate into existing plant operations

Did You Know?

ReLIXER is highly effective in rejuvenating and restoring the aged bitumen in  Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS).  Try it today!

Use of High-RAP Mixes is fast becoming the standard practice around the world.

  • There is an increased understanding and awareness of the science and technology behind RAP and Rejuvenation technologies.

  • The number of lane-miles paved using high-RAP mixes with the aid of a rejuvenator has been dramatically increasing each year.

  • Rejuvenation technologies are more environmentally friendly and mainstream

  • High-RAP pavement mixes using ReLIXER are being incorporated into construction projects all around the world, for example: high traffic highways, limited access highways, medium traffic roads, extreme weather conditions, country roads, ports, airports and numerous repair & maintenance projects.

  • A new generation of sophisticated manufacturing equipment is available to easily produce high-RAP mixes.