Select ReLIXER Success Stories

Mid-Atlantic Customer: ReLIXER in High RAP/RAS Mixes

High-RAP/RAS Mixes evaluated by contractor in the mid-Atlantic region of USA.

ReLIXER was able to restore functional balance of properties to the aged Bitumen, decrease the need for virgin bitumen, and reduce cost

Illinois Tollway: ReLIXER® in Base Course, Wear Layer & Shoulder Mixes

ReLIXER is the only rejuvenator / asphalt recycling agent approved for by Illinois Tollway, a 475 Km network of 6 highways within Illinois. The network consists of 6 to 12 lane highways, subject to high traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Close to 5000 tons of a 40 % ABR mix was produced to lay down 8 lane-Km of top and base courses. ReLIXER additions at 2.0 % and 3.6 % of total bitumen were used. The contractor was able to reduce the amount of virgin bitumen needed for the job. At the same time, the high-RAP mix with ReLIXER met all specifications and targets established by the Illinois Tollway Authorities. Property comparisons of ReLIXER® rejuvenated mixes were superior to mixes made with a “Softer” grade bitumen.

New York City: ReLIXER® in 100% RAP

ReLIXER was used in New York City on a stretch of road, subject to high traffic, stop and go traffic, and extreme weather patterns. The road was paved 4 years ago using ReLIXER as the rejuvenator in a mix consisting of 100 % RAP, with no virgin binder or aggregates.

ReLIXER was dosed directly onto the RAP particles on a conveyor belt, at a dosage level of 0.55 wt. % of mix. The paved road met all the specifications established by the local transport authorities.

​​Northern India: ReLIXER® in a Base Course Mix

Mix with 50 % & 60 % RAP for Base Course MixesCommercial Roadway Paving in Northern India

A customer in India conducted a trial in the norther regions of the country, laying down a DBM base course, incorporating 50 % and 60 % RAP, with addition of 0.2 % and 0.3 % of ReLIXER, respectively.

The customer routinely utilizes high RAP Mixes containing ReLIXER for base course paving applications throughout India.

Roadway performance and durability are comparable to no-RAP or low-RAP Mixes.