Excellent Roadway Performance & Durability

Roadway Durability Profile: Fracture Toughness  After Aging

  • An Ideal Rejuvenator improves fracture toughness in mixes
    • Aging performance with RAP is similar to No-RAP mixes
    • ReLIXER can help maintain aging performance unlike Petrochemical Rejuvenators
  • 30-50% RAP mixes give equivalent performance to No-RAP mixes, at a lower cost too

Aging Behavior of Bitumen with ReLIXER® & “Soft” Bitumen

​​“Softer” Grade bitumen are used to rejuvenate RAP mixes. However, the methods used to achieve a “Softer” bitumen can significantly impact the resultant properties.

PAV aged Base Bitumen, Base Bitumen + ReLIXER and a “Softer” Bitumen were tested using Bending Beam Rheometry (BBR).  The rejuvenated sample closely maintains the DTc of the Base Bitumen, while the “Softer” Grade Bitumen has an unacceptably highΔTc.

Fracture Toughness of Roadway with High RAP + ReLIXER

Fracture toughness of high-RAP Mixes dosed with 4 % ReLIXER, 45 % binder replacement for medium traffic roadways were evaluated. 

Two aging regimes were evaluated – a short term oven aging of 4-hours and a 12-hour loose mix oven aging at 135 °C. The Mix dosed with ReLIXER showed outstanding fracture toughness properties for both aging regimes. 

For a comparison, a mix was also made with a “Softer” Grade Binder and evaluated for I-FIT and DCT results, which were inferior to the rejuvenated mixes.

High-RAP Mixes with ReLIXER®: Comparable Crack Resistance


  • Lab: EMPA Test Results: 5211.0193.100.01
  • Mix Type: AC B11 S Type
    High Traffic, Moderate Climate
  • Virgin Binder: 70/100
  • Total Binder: 5.06 %
  • ReLIXER: 7.5 % of RAP Bitumen
  • Aging: 2X PAV