Introducing our latest video. We are proud to promote our excellent asphalt rejuvenator and additives.


Sripath Technologies develops innovative and cost-effective engineered materials for roadway paving around the world. With additives that are also environmentally friendly, we develop sustainable solutions that solve many of today’s paving challenges.

We offer a wide-range of products that improve performance, increase the use of recycled materials, lower costs, and ease the mix manufacturing and paving processes.

Our products are trusted and used worldwide for hot mix applications, rejuvenating emulsions, polymer modified emulsions, and for repair and maintenance applications.

ReLIXER, our leading asphalt rejuvenator, restores the functional performance of aged RAP binder, allowing contractors to use mixes with high RAP content, which lowers overall mix costs.

Our specially-engineered polymer, PGXpand, interacts with bitumen in a unique way.  It improves high temperature properties and reduces viscosity of the binder. It also provides outstanding rutting resistance and fatigue properties.  PGXpand is highly dosage efficient and easy to use, saving both energy and money.

SriCote, our amine-free anti-strip agent, is specifically designed for demanding environments that require enhanced resistance to moisture and fuels.

We offer two oils modifiers – ReNUBIT, a proprietary blend of petrochemical oils, and NuMIXER, a green blend of bio-based oils. Both oils enhance the low temperature grade and penetration properties of bitumen and are used to improve the compatibility of polymer and crumb rubber with bitumen.

All of our products are compatible with a wide range of bitumen, RAP, and aggregates from around the world.

Through extensive R&D, testing, and a proven track record on roads around the world, Sripath’s full line of bitumen modifiers are all uniquely designed to make asphalt better.

At Sripath, we offer additive solutions for every paving challenge.

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