Crude oil is sourced from locations around the globe. Fuel refineries then further alter bitumen characteristics. Crude slate blending, and bitumen blending, add another layer of variability to the nature of the product. All of these factors result in a collective issue of “quality” in bitumen, resulting in a commodity that varies widely in composition and properties. Because of this, a growing need to modify bitumens for specific Paving, Roofing and Building Envelope industry uses has emerged. 

No longer is bitumen referenced merely as “sweet” or “sour”. Bitumen users now measure and utilize a full arsenal of tools to rectify and alter the bitumen for individual and particular uses. Primary among these tools are additives like oils, polymers, PPA, adhesion promoters and viscosity reducers (cutters).

Oils have a long history of being used to impart characteristics like flexibility, viscosity modification, low temperature ductility, adhesion, and compatibilization with elastomers, polymers, and crumb rubber. The basket of oil options available include aromatic, naphthenic, paraffinic, bright stock, bio-oils, and proprietary petrochemicals. Each of these can impart different modifications to the bitumen. Used in varying dosages, oils are effective in remedying many bitumen quality concerns.

Sripath developed and markets two oils for bitumen property modification. Both are tested, proven, and used globally.

NuMIXER: Our proprietary blend of prime bio-oils that naturally enhances bitumen properties. It improves polymer and crumb rubber compatibility and dispersion, reduces and manages viscosity, and improves low temperature properties, leading to long term durability and better performance.  [insert NuMIXER brochure link]

ReNUBIT: Our proprietary petrochemical oil blend strives to return balance to the bitumen by improving polymer compatibility, solvency and stability. It is effective in situations where polymer and crumb rubber compatibility in hard bitumens is an issue.  [insert ReNUBIT brochure link]

While highly effective, one or both of our oils may not be the single solution to every bitumen quality concern, which is why Sripath offers a full line of additives that are designed to work with these oils.

With over three decades of experience, Sripath has successfully modified bitumens around the world, helping our customers achieve bitumen properties that meet the quality, performance, and durability standards required. Contact our team, and let us help you find the solution to make asphalt better.