Durban, South Africa; July 19, 2022

Sripath Technologies, recently finalized an agreement with Alan Wills & Associates, establishing  AW&A as its distributor and marketing partner in South Africa and various other countries in Africa.

Sripath® develops, manufactures and markets a range of innovative additives used to enhance performance of bitumen and asphalt mixes.  Sripath® is a global company, with offices, affiliates and agents in USA, India, Australia, UK, Brazil, and now in South Africa.

AW&A markets a variety of products to the bitumen and asphalt industries in Africa.  AW&A effectively utilizes its technical expertise and commercial know-how to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of challenges faced by its customers in the industry.

“We are excited to formalize our arrangement with Alan Wills to market Sripath products in Africa.  We welcome both Alan and Jonathan Wills to the Sripath team”, said Krishna Srinivasan, President of Sripath.

“Alan and Jonathan bring decades of technical and marketing expertise to our team and provide us with a valuable leverage to pursue and develop new opportunities within Africa.  We are thrilled to have them on our team”, said Deepak Madan, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of Sripath.

Alan Wills, Owner & CEO of AW&A said: “We are enjoying our co-operation with Krishna and Deepak, who have a very clear idea of the value Sripath products offer to road industries around the world.  Sripath’s drive to reach and gain traction in all major geographies and understand the unique requirements of each market, is unsurpassed by any principal we have worked with.  We look forward to bringing the benefits of Sripath products to road builders in South Africa and other African countries.”

Key products offered by Sripath® include: (a) PGXpand: a unique polymer to improve high temperature performance of bitumen and deliver excellent rutting resistance, fatigue properties, and roadway durability; (b) ReLIXER: a green asphalt recycling agent or rejuvenator used to restore properties of aged bitumen in RAP; (c) ReNUBIT and NuMIXER: modifier oils used to manage viscosity and improve polymer and crumb rubber compatibility; and (d) SriCote: An amine-free anti-stripping agent, providing exceptional moisture and fuel resistance.

For further details or information on Sripath and its products, please visit the Sripath website.

About Sripath Technologies LLC.

Sripath Technologies® develops, manufactures and markets innovative additives, such as: PGXpand®, a unique Polymer; ReLIXER®, an Asphalt Rejuvenator; ReNUBIT® and NuMIXER®, both modifier oils; and SriCote®, an amine-free anti-strip.  Sripath Products are used to enhance performance of bitumen for both paving and roofing applications. ​ Established in 2006, Sripath’s team has a track record for delivering cutting edge innovation, an excellent suite of products & offering sustainable solutions.  For more information, please visit Sripath website today.


About Alan Wills & Associates CC

Alan Wills & Assoicates (AW&A) markets a variety of products to the Bitumen industry in South Africa and other countries in Africa.  AW&A effectively utilizes its decades of technical expertise and commercial know-how to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of challenges faced by its customers.  For more information, please visit the AW&A website today.


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