Sripath Technologies® is excited to announce our attendance and sponsorship of the 2023 OAPC Fall Asphalt Seminar in Mississauga, Ontario, on November 30th. We can’t wait to meet with the members of Ontario’s forward-thinking asphalt community.

Be sure to catch our very own Krishna Srinivasan’s presentation at 3 pm, titled “Effective Asphalt Rejuvenation: The Key to Unlocking RAP’s Potential.” This presentation will discuss the importance of asphalt rejuvenators like Sripath’s ReLIXER® in maximizing the performance of high-RAP roadways.

Also stop by the Sripath booth where we can discuss the latest research on our products like:

ReLIXER®: Our bio-oil asphalt rejuvenator that optimizes high-RAP roadway performance

PGXpand®: Our bitumen-friendly polymeric additive that enhances rutting resistance and temperature grade

NuMIXER®: Our environmentally friendly bitumen softener

These innovative products can help ensure Ontario roadways are environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, and built to last.

Please reach out to Krishna with any questions at

See you in Mississauga!