Amidst this pandemic, we celebrate the survivors. We recognize resilience, and we revere the overcomers. These characteristics were not born during this pandemic. In truth, we are only recognizing the heroes without capes that have already existed. One such hero is our driver Calvin “Sonny” Robinson, Jr. from Shelby Transport.

In 1977, Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean. Sonny was living in the U. S. Virgin Islands at the time after driving trucks in the US since 2004.  The hurricane caused economic peril, which motivated Sonny and his siblings to move back to the US. Only his parents remain in the islands.

Sonny now calls Western New York home where he enjoys being around his 5 children ages 15 to 21 and especially enjoying his oldest son renovating homes and his youngest, exploring.

Sonny overcame many challenges over the years. His return to the mainland and fitting back into life here was a test that he passed with flying colors.

Trucking during the pandemic has been a challenge. The shutdown of many rest areas and the bottlenecks at the ones that remained open created situations requiring the resilience and adaptability men and women like Sonny exemplify.  The environment has been steadily improving with the gradual reopening of facilities. Without our team members that take to the road, delivering products and supplies, the asphalt rejuvenation industry would not be possible.

Today, we salute and thank Sonny Robinson, one of our (non-caped) hero’s that have kept Sripath Technologies® and their customers rolling down the road.