In 2020, Covid-19 changed the way that the world economy operates. A renewed focus on cost reduction, resource allocation, innovation, and adjusted techniques is appearing across all industries. Asphalt Engineering is no exception. The future of our industry turns its eyes to Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) as a way to extend the life of our roadways and reduce our dependence on new asphalt production. Sripath is proud to be part of the leading charge in the development of asphalt rejuvenation and polymer modified asphalt.

The effort to reclaim asphalt pavement into RAP mix roadway production is not unique to any one area of the world. An article entitled “Reclaiming Australian Asphalt Pavement” by Lauren Jones was published on Roads & Infrastructure’s website on March 25, 2020. Within this article, Ms. Jones detailed the efforts that Australians, specifically, are making toward increasing the amount of RAP in roadway production/renewal in their nation. Excitingly, this article was able to report a road resurfaced with 100% RAP in the City of Adelaide, in partnership with contractor Downer. Where a nationally accepted RAP threshold of 10-15% exists, and 25% RAP is considered elevated innovation, a 100% RAP mix is truly an engineering accomplishment that shines brightly upon a vision of the future of RAP.