Sripath® invites you to download the recently updated article: “PGXpand® Technical Overview”. The article summarizes key characteristics of PGXpand® and its impact on properties of bitumen and asphalt mixes. Key applications for PGXpand® are explored, case studies and testimonials from around the world are presented, and an operational and environmental perspective is included.

PGXpand®, a bitumen-friendly additive, developed by Sripath, is a novel polymeric-additive, specifically engineered to interact with bitumen in a unique fashion. PGXpand® Modified Bitumen blends are easy to manufacture, using simple low shear mixers, short mixing times, and lower mixing temperatures. The resulting PMB has excellent storage stability.

PGXpand® is highly dosage efficient and helps reduce energy consumption both during the manufacturing and application processes. It reduces production and transportation costs, lowers the carbon footprint, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and is environmentally friendly.

For paving applications, PGXpand® eliminates the need for cross-linking additives, warm mix additives, and traditional polymers. It improves workability, allows for lower paving temperatures, and delivers roadways with excellent rutting resistance, good fatigue properties and long-term durability.

For roofing applications, PGXpand® delivers low-cost formulations and productivity and enhances high temperature properties without impacting low temperature properties. It allows formulators to minimize SBS content, reduce viscosity, and incorporate higher filler loadings.​

PGXpand® is more than just a polymer for bitumen applications, it is a cut above the rest.

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