If you are not part of the New York Construction Materials Association, you may have missed out on their most recent online publication Material Matters released on September 25th. Throughout this release, there were articles on what has been learned in this non-conventional year of reevaluation and pivoting caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bruce Barkevich, Vice President of the New York Construction Materials association explores “How the Construction & Asphalt Industry Rose to the Occasion During the Pandemic” in this edition. As “essential” workers, our industry has pivoted to empower our communities with the opportunity to deliver goods, services, and supplies through trying times. “From the beginning of “New York on Pause,” the municipal construction work remained “Essential.” Think about the term “Essential” and what that means to us today. Around late April I was speaking with Brad Buyers of County Line Stone and the FAIR Committee of WNY. Brad polled his counterparts in WNY and found no cases of COVID amongst companies doing municipal work. This statement told me that producers/contractors were taking this challenge seriously and did what was needed to maintain the “Essential” tag.”  Bruce goes on to describe the many ways that our industry has innovated to create safer working conditions and ways the government can support our ongoing efforts.

Bruce also reported on Navigating the Procurement Process. This article outlined how the procurement process has been affected by Covid-19. “Understanding and navigating the different procurement options can be as confusing as which asphalt mix to buy.” Bruce outlines the short version of different options a highway department can use to buy asphalt products.

As asphalt rejuvenators in support of the asphalt industry worldwide, Sripath Technologies® appreciates the efforts made by the New York Construction Materials Association and Bruce Barkevich to educate the essential workers throughout the asphalt industry. We encourage you to check out this publication and share with us other reading material you think should be shared with our readers by contacting us here.