Sripath Technologies® is honored that ReLIXER®, our rejuvenation product, has been selected as one of 50 innovative products for the 2021 French Innov Day competition.  This event is organized by Indura, a French non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting and fostering innovative new concepts to improve and benefit the quality of life. ReLIXER is one of the finalists within the “green technologies” theme for this event.  A panel of industry experts, renowned scientists, and business leaders will evaluate these innovations in the early May time frame.

ReLIXER® is an innovative Rejuvenation additive offered by Sripath Technologies®.  It is specifically designed for High Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Mixes & is a specially formulated Elixir of natural virgin Bio-Oils.  ReLIXER® rapidly penetrates RAP particles to soften & rejuvenate the aged bitumen.  It reduces the dependence on virgin bitumen, needs to mine fresh aggregates, and the amount of RAP shipped to landfills.

With ReLIXER®, the existing network of roadways becomes the next generation of mines and refineries.

For more information on Innov Day, visit their website here.