Simply put, sometimes rejuvenators are required to get the right mix of properties in the asphalt system (the asphalt from the RAP and the virgin asphalt added) you are using.  Nobody likes to use them because at first glance, they are an added cost item.  When you dig into the details though, they are cost-effective and will yield low-cost mixtures that would not be possible without their use.  ReLIXER™ Rejuvenator by Sripath Technologies® is designed for high RAP use levels and rapidly penetrates and rejuvenates the old, aged asphalt in RAP.  ReLIXER™ will also reduce the need for virgin asphalt.  It has no odor, is highly efficient, used at low dosing levels & does not contribute to VOC in your mix.  Furthermore, it is an all-natural liquid, formulated from prime ingredients with no animal fats or greases.  It is compatible with all asphalts.