Last week we published a brief case study about ReLIXER®’s trials with the Illinois Tollway. If you missed it, our team recently completed two plant trials consisting of 1,600 tons of mix produced in Plote’s Allied Asphalt Franklin park plant and 3,8oo tons of mix produced at their West Chicago Plant. Both trials used an additive pump system to meter in ReLIXER.Well over five lane-miles of base and top courses on Interstates 88 and 294 of the Tollway were completed as well as private roads in the area. “We were looking for effective rejuvenation technologies and ReLIXER delivered on all accounts – product performance, ease of use in the plant, and good finished compaction,” said John Lavallee, lead HMA O.E. at S.T.A.T.E. of his experience with ReLIXER throughout this trial.

The trials were quite successful and we have just been notified that ReLIXER has added to the Illinois Tollway Approved List of Asphalt Modifiers. To view our listing, click here and scroll to the bottom to the  “Approved List of Asphalt Binder and Mixture Modifiers”! To directly download a copy of our listing, click here.

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