A recent case study of Sripath Technologies was recently featured in AsphaltPro Magazine!

Click below to read a case study of our Illinois Tollway Authority project. Find out how we were able to get all interested parties to the table to achieve the goals of creating the best pavement at the lowest cost.

The tollway “…seeks to minimize the environmental impact of roadway construction and maintenance by reducing, recycling, and reusing materials using green technology, while using best practices to protect and enhance the natural and physical environment.” One of the most effective ways of achieving these goals is by maximizing the recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingle (RAS) content in the paving mix. The use of high-quality engineered asphalt rejuvenators such as ReLIXER(TM) from Sripath Technologies®, can increase the recyclables percentage while maintaining performance specifications.

Find out what made Greg Rohlf, from Plote, say “We have evaluated multiple rejuvenation technologies and found ReLIXER to be best-in-class from a performance-economics-usability point of view.