Vince Aurilio has agreed to take on an expanded role at Sripath Technologies LLC. As the Senior Technical Director, Vince will be responsible for providing technical support to the Sripath® Group of companies around the globe (

Vince brings over 40 years of technical expertise in pavement design and material engineering for roadways and airports in both the private and public transportation sectors.

“We are thrilled to welcome Vince in his expanded role at Sripath.  He has been and will continue to be a valuable part of our management team”, said Krishna Srinivasan, President of Sripath.

Vince’s area of expertise includes: hot mix asphalt technology, testing and design; warm mix additive technology; high-RAP mixes and asphalt rejuvenation; modified bitumen technology; stone matrix asphalt mixes; balanced mix design; mix plant production; paving quality control & assurance; in-place pavement recycling; pavement construction and maintenance; and full depth reclamation. Vince has been an active leader within the asphalt paving industry in both USA and Canada.

“Vince has brought decades of technical and business development expertise to our team and he provide us with a valuable leverage to pursue and develop new opportunities around the globe. We are fortunate to have him on our team”, said Deepak Madan, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of Sripath.

Aurilio said: “I am really glad to start my expanded role at Sripath. It has been a pleasure promoting Sripath products in Canada and I look forward to also lending my technical expertise to Sripath business units and customers around the world.”

Sripath® develops, manufactures and markets a range of innovative additives used to enhance performance of bitumen and asphalt mixes. Sripath® is a global company, with offices, affiliates, agents and advisors in USA, Canada, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa.

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