Krishna Srinivasan, representing Sripath Technologies, LLC recently had an extended visit to India where he met with Professor Dharamveer Singh from the Civil Engineering Department of Bombay IIT to discuss undertaking research projects of mutual interest, met with local contractors, and assisted with many field trials of PGXpand®.

PGXpand® was used to improve the high temperature and rutting performance of the local VG30 bitumen.  Furthermore, and as was claimed, the PGXpand® containing bitumen was easy to incorporate and did not require any specialized equipment to use, unlike the incumbent SBS additive.    Also, PGXpand®, due to these properties, can be incorporated at the mix plant.  Laboratory work showed that based on softening point, penetration, high and intermediate temperature properties of the bitumen dosed with 1.5% PGXpand had similar properties to the 3.5% SBS containing bitumen.  Two lanes of 0.5 KM each of the N.A.M. Expressway, near Piduguralla, Andhra Pradesh, were paved during the trial, and evaluations of the mix are underway.  Initial pavement performance reports should be available within 6 months.