Sripath Technologies® will be attending the 68th Annual Conference hosted by the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA) in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, from November 19th to 22nd.

CTAA brings together a vibrant community of researchers and professionals dedicated to advancing the Canadian asphalt industry.

We’re particularly excited about the morning session on November 20th, where Hussain Bahia and Vince Aurilio will present “Evaluation of a Bio-Oil to Improve the Performance of HMA.” This talk promises insights into the impact of bio-oil rejuvenators like ReLIXER® on high-RAP mixes in Canada.

At Sripath, we’re committed to fostering strong partnerships with our northern neighbors. Through these collaborations, we hope to integrate more Canadian roads with our innovative products like:

ReLIXER®: Our bio-oil asphalt rejuvenator that optimizes high-RAP roadway performance

PGXpand®: Our bitumen-friendly polymeric additive that enhances rutting resistance and temperature grade

NuMIXER®: An environmentally friendly bitumen softener

Let’s chat about how these products can ensure that the future of Canadian asphalt is built on strong roads, environmental stewardship, and cost efficiency.

Please reach out to Krishna Srinivasan at for any inquiries

See you in Charlottetown!