ReLIXER®, an Asphalt Recycling Agent or Rejuvenator, formulated by Sripath Technologies®, was successfully used by Fulton Hogan to pave a 40% RAP Mix on a roadway in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Recently, Fulton Hogan and Brisbane City Council organized a roadway trial, incorporating ReLIXER on a 0.7 lane-km stretch of Old Cleveland Road in Brisbane. A trial mix of ‘M1000 binder, 40% RAP & ReLIXER’ was paved for comparison against the standard ‘M1000 & 15 % RAP’ pavement. “The high-RAP trial mix was easy to manufacture at our plant and easy to pave and compact.”, said Laszlo Petho, Pavements Manager at Fulton Hogan.

ReLIXER, an elixir of bio-based oils, is used worldwide to restore functional properties of aged binder in Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and delivers excellent crack resistance properties and roadway durability. ReLIXER is highly dosage efficient and small additions are sufficient to rejuvenate the RAP binder, resulting in properties comparable to or better than the control mix.

Chris Lange, Technical Manager at Fulton Hogan, stated: “We have been very interested in green technologies, such as incorporating higher RAP content into mixes. We believe that this trial has provided us with a viable path forward. We greatly enjoyed and benefited from the technical interaction with Professor Filippo of RMIT and the Sripath team.”.

ReLIXER is an environmentally friendly green product which lowers the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. It has been tested, vetted and adopted on roadways around the world. In High-RAP Mixes, it helps reduce the need for virgin bitumen and lowers the overall cost of the mix.

“Sripath Technologies and Sripath Asia-Pac became members of AfPA soon after they setup an office in Melbourne. Sripath has already become an integral part of our paving community in Australia.”, said Anna D’Angelo, Executive Director Technology & Leadership at AfPA.

“We really enjoyed working with Brisbane City Council, Fulton Hogan, and RMIT in preparation for this trial. It was an extremely well-organized trial, thanks to the Fulton Hogan team. We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our asphalt recycling agent ReLIXER.”, stated Ravi Rajagopalan, General Manager at Sripath Asia-Pac.

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