It is well known that ReLIXER™ is a great asphalt rejuvenator that allows you to maximize the RAP content while meeting project specifications.  This high performance, “Green”, engineered bio-oil blend rapidly penetrates and rejuvenates asphalt reducing the virgin asphalt load in mixes that contain 40-60% (or more) RAP. But, did you know that these same features are allowing users to use ReLIXER™ in 100% RAP mixes?

Our friends at Ampro Construction in Laval, QC, Canada ( use ReLIXER™ with a Bagela BA7000 Portable Asphalt Recycler to produce a 100% RAP mix from the site’s asphalt pavement that has just been broken up or milled.  This onsite mini-train dramatically eliminates the cost of transporting the old pavement back to the mix plant only to later return the RAP back to the job site.

When Ampro Construction combined their on-site RAP process with ReLIXER™, the mix was rejuvenated, low-temperature performance was improved, fracture toughness increased, fatigue and long-term aging properties were enhanced.  Furthermore, the 100% RAP mix is easy to handle and detail.

Pablo Martinez, Ampro Project Construction Manager (and a devout Texas Aggie-Civil Engineering and MBA grad), supervised the initial trials of ReLIXER™. Based upon those outstanding results, he  has called on the use of ReLIXER™ now and into the future. Recently, Mr Martinez said, “ReLIXER™ was easy to use, dosage-efficient, economical and produced pliable mixes from stiff, 100 % RAP, that could be applied to the roadway very easily.”

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