The 2022 annual issue of Road Surface Technology, published by World Highways Magazine, featured an article titled “Restoring RAP Binder Functionality Using ReLIXER”.  The article explains how ReLIXER®, an exlixir of green bio-based oils formulated by Sripath Technologies®, has been successfully used as an asphalt rejuvenator and recycling agent in high-RAP mixes.

Selecting an ideal rejuvenator for high-RAP mixes is a balancing act in evaluating and optimizing economic viability, environmental and safety issues, conformance to specifications and long-term performance of the roadway.  ReLIXER® meets all the key criteria of an ideal recycling agent.  It rapidly penetrates the RAP particles to rejuvenate and restore the functionality of the aged bitumen while delivering roadways with excellent performance and outstanding durability.

The article explores the environmental benefits of recycling and reusing RAP, identifies the key criteria for the selection of an ideal rejuvenator, presents case-studies from around the world, and examines the long-term durability of roadways paved using high-RAP mixes dosed with ReLIXER®.

The author, Dr. Krishna Srinivasan, has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the bitumen and asphalt industry.  His passion is to develop unique additives to help improve the performance of bitumen and asphalt mixes and provide innovative solutions for challenges facing the industry.

For a copy of the Road Surface Technology Article or information on ReLIXER®, download here.

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