Use of PGXpand in paving and roofing formulations yields important cost benefits. In paving mixes, PGXpand typically requires less than half the amount of traditional polymers to yield similar properties. In roofing formulas, PGXpand typically replaces SBS elastomers in a 2:1 or better ratio to yield raw materials savings. Lower SBS percentages lead to reductions in viscosity, thereby supporting 15 to 25+% higher filler content. All of these together, result in measurable cost savings.

PGXpand Savings

When comparing a conventional formulation mix, with no recycled content, to two alternative mix options incorporating recycled content and then adding in PGXpand as well, the amount of bitumen and SBS content both decrease and tackifiers are eliminated. This calculates into a 5-7% overall cost savings.

For more details on how low doses of PGXpand can translate into immediate savings in mix formulations, contact us.