At the recent New York Construction Materials Association Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY, held Nov 20th & 21st, Krishna received congratulations from Bruce Barkevich, Vice President of the Association on the recent NTPEP listing of ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™.  NTPEP is the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program Website (NTPEP) of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  


ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ has been in widespread use around the globe and the NTPEP listing validates Sripath Technologies® customers’ decision to use it.  Russ Berger, QC Manager from Braen Stone in New Jersey is a fan and recently stated, “As a long-standing Sripath Technologies® customer, I am delighted that ReLIXER™/ReJUVN8™ has earned a listing on NTPEP. It’s well-deserved.”