Here at Sripath Technologies®, we believe that to be an expert in the support of paving and roofing we must not only know our own solutions but also be able to provide resources to others that supply quality information relevant to the industry. To that end, we offer our Resource Series to highlight the resources available throughout the world to better support those who use our products.  Last week, we highlighted the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. This week, we bring you to the Asphalt Institute.  

The Asphalt Institute is the international trade association of petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers, and affiliated businesses.

Through education, engineering, technical development, environmental stewardship, and marketing leadership, the Asphalt Institute promotes the safe use, benefits, and quality performance of petroleum asphalts in a unified voice for our membership.

In addition to their publication, the Asphalt Magazine, the Institute offers training programs, seminars, and webinars on a variety of topics that are important to our industry.