2022 February 27-28, 2022;

ABSTRACT: Innovative Additives to Enhance Performance of Bitumen, Asphalt and Polymer-Modified-Bitumen by Krishna Srinivasan, President, Sripath Technologies, LLC, Mahwah, NJ, USA Sripath Technologies® develops, manufactures and markets innovative additives to enhance the performance of bitumen, asphalt, and polymer modified bitumen (PMBs). This presentation will focus on two key Sripath products: PGXpand® – a unique polymer additive and ReLIXER® – a green rejuvenation agent. PGXpand®, a unique engineered polymer, enhances the high temperature performance of bitumen without impacting low temperature properties. PGXpand® Modified Bitumen mixes deliver roadways with outstanding rutting resistance, excellent fatigue properties and superior durability. PGXpand® lowers viscosity, improves workability, and makes it easier to pave and compact roadways. It is highly dosage efficient, storage stable and easily mixes into bitumen using low shear mixers and short mixing times; resulting in lower overall mix cost. Other applications of PGXpand® include: Hot Spray Seal and PGXpand® Modified Emulsions. ReLIXER®, the leading Green RAP Rejuvenator, is an elixir of bio-based oils, engineered to rapidly penetrate RAP particles and restore the functional balance of properties to the aged RAP bitumen. ReLIXER® allows the use of high-RAP mixes, helps reduce amounts of virgin bitumen and aggregates required, thus, reducing overall cost of the Mix. Roadways paved with high-RAP Mixes and ReLIXER® demonstrate excellent low temperature properties and aging performance. ReLIXER® is highly efficient at low dosing levels, non-hazardous, safe to handle and easy to incorporate into a Mix plant. It helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and generates an overall lower carbon footprint. Other applications of ReLIXER® include: Hot & Cold Pothole Patching Mixes, ReLIXER Rejuvenating Emulsions, and Hot-In-Place Recycling.