SriCote™ Amine-Free Anti-Stripping Agent

SriCote by Sripath Technologies® is the answer to your moisture and fuel resistance issues— issues that you face on a daily basis and particularly for issues requiring extraordinary performance in demanding applications.  This easy to use, Amine-Free Anti-Striping Agent is safe to handle, has minimal odor, and no known associated health hazards.

SriCote is used to produce binders with an enhanced moisture and fuel resistance.  It significantly improves mixes Tensile Strength Retention (TSR) values even at low use levels.  SriCote provides outstanding resistance to jet fuels, gasoline, diesel, lubricants, and greases in Airport/Port applications.  It is compatible with all Asphalts and a wide range of PMA’s. It does not adversely affect the PG properties of the binder, is totally amine-free, safe, and effective. In Paving formulations, SriCote provides long term durability and performance even with deficient mixes.

SriCote fully incorporates in the base asphalt at normal handling temperatures. Typical use levels are in the 0.2 to 0.5% range based on asphalt weight and required performance.  It is stable at the high processing temperatures of paving mixes and is virtually odorless. SriCote is a liquid at ambient conditions that are easily pumpable from totes/drums. Trial quantities as well as Sripath’s® product support and service are available upon request.

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