ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ For Roofing

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ is used in a wide variety of asphalts where it helps improve low temperature properties including cold adhesion, cold bend, cracking and flex. ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™, a petro-chemical additive, has been designed with polymer compatibility and stability as cornerstone properties and has also found use in demanding paving applications. In roofing, it promotes stability and compatibility in polymer formulations and helps reduce viscosity. It is very stable at production and use temperatures. It has found common use in Self Adhered (Peel & Stick) Membranes where its production and installation attributes provide cost reductions and improved low temperature properties. A free-flowing liquid at moderate temperatures, ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ is available in bulk trucks and by special request, 55-gallon drums. Trial quantities are available.

Please note that the ReNUBIT™ product is marketed under the brand names ReNUBIT™ or ReGENR8™ in various countries around the world.

Self Adhered Membrane with ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ improves the properties that are important to Self Adhered (peel & stick) Membrane production and installation, such as low temperature adhesion and strength and cold bend / cold flex.

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Viscosity Profile

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Mopping Asphalt Formula with ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™

Addition of ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ to mopping compounds helps reduces viscosity and makes mopping easy for the contractor. It also helps improve low temperature properties including flexibility and crack resistance.

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ also improves tack and adhesion properties, while remaining remarkably stable at high use temperatures.