Enhance Properties of Bitumen and Asphalt Mixes

NuMIXER®: Bending Beam Rheometry (BBR) Results

Bending Beam Rheometry (BBR) tests were done on PAV aged materials.

BBR is a measure of cold temperature performance.

NuMIXER decreases the Stiffness & increases the m-Value.

It dramatically improves the low temperature performance of bitumen.

NuMIXER®: Fatigue Resistance (LAS) Results

Linear Amplitude Sweep (LAS) tests were conducted at 25 °C with failure set as a 35% decrease in G*sind.

LAS Test is a measure of damage tolerance and fatigue resistance.

NuMIXER delivers improved fatigue life at both low and high strain levels.

NuMIXER®: Low Temperature Fracture (SENB) Results

Single Edged Notched Beam (SENB) tests were done on PAV aged materials.

The SENB tests were performed at -12 °C.

NuMIXER extends the post peak fracture resistance and increases the deformation to failure.

It improves the strain tolerance at low temperatures.

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How NuMIXER® Compares with Other Oils