PGXpand® For Roofing

The top PGXpand® Polymers are unique and highly compatible asphalt modifiers that increase the high-temperature performance (Softening Point, SP), while maintaining the low-temperature performance of the asphalt. PGXpand® incorporates readily into hot asphalt with low shear mixing; yielding a stable polymer modified asphalt with high heat resistance that does not degrade or separate in storage. PGXpand® allows the modified asphalt producer to improve the high-temperature performance of their incoming asphalt with no appreciable damage to low-temperature ductility or adhesion. For example, the addition of 1 – 2 % PGXpand® to an asphalt flux can help double softening point from 100 F to 200+ F, while lowering viscosity by 5 – 10 %. PGXpand® also functions as an excellent dispersing aid when used in combination with conventional polymers such as linear or radial SBS. PGXpand® dramatically improves softening point, tack, adhesion, and strength while typically lowering viscosity. It supports higher filler loadings in polymer modified asphalt formulations and is used in Built Up Roofing (BUR) and modified asphalt formulations, including self-adhered membrane formulations. Two grades of PGXpand® are currently marketed. Both are free-flowing powders. PGXpand® 502 is available in full truckload quantities in 1,000 lb supersacks 460 kg). PGXpand 501 is available in full truckload quantities in 50 lb (25 kg) bags. Trial quantities available upon request.

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A dramatically effective additive, rigorously tested in roofing, PGXpand® not only boosts the high-temperature properties of asphalt but also reduces viscosity. This viscosity reduction, in conjunction with dramatically lowered SBS usage in formulas, reduces compound viscosity by as much as 50 %, allowing for higher filler loadings and better impregnation characteristics during membrane production.

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Recommended Dosage Levels

Effective use levels for asphalt softening point improvement are typically in the 1-2% range for neat asphalts and PMAs.

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Storage Stability

Asphalts employing PGXpand® have remarkable storage stability – in your storage tank, in your impregnation bath and in your use tank.

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