NuMIXER™ For Paving

The product of an 18-month intensive research effort, NuMIXER™ is a bio-oil blend designed for efficacy, permanence and ease of use in roofing and paving asphalt formulations. A product of prime, “GREEN” ingredients only, NuMIXER™ has a very low odor. NuMIXER™ helps rejuvenate high RAP/RAS paving mixes, improves low temperature properties (stiffness, stress relaxation, compliance and fatigue) and reduces viscosity in formulations. It is compatible with a wide variety of asphalts and additives commonly used in paving formulations and contributes to the stability of polymer modified asphalt formulas. This top liquid product is suitable for all Hot Boxes, IR Heating Units and Recyclers and has found use in Emulsions, Scrub, Fog and Chip Seals. A free-flowing liquid at ambient conditions it is available in bulk shipments and totes by special request. Trial quantities available upon request.

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Grade Comparisons of Common Rejuvenators

NuMIXER™ is a highly effective liquid rejuvenator
and low-temperature modifier.

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Viscosity Profile

NuMIXER™ reduces the viscosity of neat
and polymer modified asphalts.

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BBR Results

BBR tested on PAV aged materials. NuMIXER™ decreases the stiffness and increases the m-value and promotes more effective stress relaxation.