Sripath Technologies has announced the formation of Sripath Asia-Pac. Registered in Victoria, Australia, Sripath Asia-Pac will serve and support the Asia-Pacific market.

Since 2006, Sripath Technologies has provided innovative bitumen additives for paving industries around the globe.

“Our portfolio of rejuvenator, polymers, compatibilisers, and modifiers, routinely used on millions of kilometres of roads around the world, is now available to customers in Australia and New Zealand,” Ravi Rajagopalan, General Manager of Sripath Asia-Pac, said.

“At our core, we are a technology company focused on innovation”, explained Krishna Srinivasan, President of Sripath Technologies. “We work closely with local experts from academics, government agencies, and the industry.

Sripath Asia-Pac customers will also gain access to the knowledge and experience of the company’s world-wide network of affiliates.

“Consider us an extension of your R&D teams,” added Deepak Madan, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. “We work intimately with our customers, developing solutions that solve their unique challenges.”

Sripath Technologies’ innovative product portfolio, which will soon be available to customers in Australia and New Zealand, include:

  • ReLIXER, the market leader in RAP rejuvenation technology.
  • PGXpand, a polymer additive to boost high temperature performance, provide exceptional rutting resistance, reduce viscosity, and improve workability.
  • NuMIXER, a bio-based oil to improve low temperature performance, enhance compatibility, lower viscosity, and improve flexibility.
  • Sricote, an amine-free anti-stripping agent to enhance moisture and fuel resistance properties.

“Our initial conversations with leaders and experts in the Australian paving industry have been very encouraging,” Rajagopalan added. “Now we’re ready to deliver our innovative and cost-effective additives to customers in the region and help pave the roads of tomorrow.”

About Sripath Technologies

Sripath Technologies develops, manufactures and markets innovative additives, such as, rejuvenators, oils, and polymers to enhance performance of bitumen for paving and roofing applications. ​ Established in 2006, Sripath’s team of industry veterans have a track record for cutting edge innovation and an excellent suite of products and sustainable solutions. ​ For more information, visit​

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