article featured in the December issue of AsphaltPro

The December 2022 issue of AsphaltPro magazine featured an article titled “VDOT Demo Rejuvenates High-RAP”.  The article highlights a paving project conducted in August 2022 in Ashburn, Virginia. ReLIXER®, an Asphalt Rejuvenator / Recycling Agent, formulated by Sripath Technologies®, was successfully used to pave high-RAP mixes on a roadway.


The paving demonstration project was a joint effort between, the VDOT NOVA District and Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC); Associated Asphalt Partners LLC – the binder supplier; Superior Paving Corporation – the asphalt mix producer; Commonwealth Paving Inc – the paving contractor; and Sripath Technologies LLC – the ReLIXER Rejuvenator supplier.


The project was intricately planned and managed by a diverse team of experts from each participating entity, working in harmony towards a common sustainability goal.


ReLIXER is a specially engineered blend of bio-based oils, designed to rapidly penetrate RAP particles and restore the functionality of the aged binder in RAP. It delivers excellent roadway performance and durability.  It helps reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. ReLIXER reduces the need for virgin bitumen and lowers the overall cost of the mix.  It is tested, trusted, and used as a RAP recycling agent all around the globe.


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