TO ALL CUSTOMERS on April 15, 2020

On behalf of all of us at Sripath Technologies, we hope that this letter reaches you in a place of safety and in good health. As we all practice social distancing, it is more important than ever for us to reach out and connect with one another.

Sripath remains a responsive and reliable supplier to the Roofing and Paving Industry. Our facilities are open and producing.  Our delivery personnel are sensitive to the individual Covid-19 protocols for each of their drop-off locations and do everything in their power to be both sensitive and compliant to each of them.  As you plan your business operations going forward, please consider being fully (if not over) stocked for the next few months.  Early rather than later communications about needs with Susan Abramowitz, John Riccardi, Sachin Raje, Mike Sullivan, Angela Staudinger, Anastasia Golenkina and Jenny Hu will be greatly appreciated. We too, on our part, will rely on over-communication in the next month or so with emails, phone calls & text messages.

In this uncertain time, it is important to recognize those that are on the front lines of public safety. This season has required unprecedented courage on the part of healthcare workers, first responders and public safety officers. We are grateful for the support of the community to support these individuals in doing their jobs.

We want to go one step farther to express our gratitude to those paving and roofing contractors that are performing essential services during this period of uncertainty. It takes dedication to service to your clients when called upon in times like these.  Our industry provides safety and comfort to those that have essential personnel positions that require roadways and buildings to be structurally sound. Please know we stand ready to meet all your product needs today, and into the future with your orders to ensure that you have everything you need to perform your jobs.

I wish everyone a healthy, productive Spring and Summer.

Thank you for your continued business.