As the world begins to reopen and COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, we at Sripath encourage you to stay safe. Maintain social distancing guidelines, wear your mask, and conduct as much of your social interactions as possible outdoors. We aren’t the only ones looking to keep these practices in place. Recently, ASTM published their Barrier Face Covering Standard which is available on their website. In their words,

ASTM International has approved a new standard for barrier face coverings that will help establish minimum design, performance, labeling, and care requirements for reusable barrier face coverings.

It is available at no-cost — along with 28 other COVID-related standards — as part of ASTM International’s ongoing commitment to provide public access to important ASTM standards used in the production and testing of personal protective equipment to combat the coronavirus public health emergency. Learn more.”

Whether you are working with asphalt rejuvenators, paving, roofing, or polymer modifying your asphalt, we want you to stay safe. Please check out this free resource to make sure you and your team use best practices in your workplace today and always.