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Sripath®’s oils and polymers for roofing and waterproofing membranes have been proven to provide dramatic benefits in a wide range of diverse asphalt/bitumen formulations used in various roofing membranes including: Self Adhered (Peel & Stick) Membranes, SBS Cap & Base Membranes, Emulsions, Flashing & Potting Compounds and Tab Seal Adhesives. They can be used to provide lasting improvement to key properties such as softening point, penetration, low temperature flexibility, viscosity, tack, coupling, adhesion and oil bleed & staining. Use of Sripath® additives for polymer modification of asphalt has led to increased filler loadings and improved compatibility with traditional rubber polymers. Our additives help alter the Softening Point – Penetration characteristics to expand the usable range of asphalts that may be sourced by a Plant. These products are extremely compatible in most asphalts and have been proven to be stable in formulations with & without polymers.

Explore Sripath®‘s top polymers and oils today, for formulation flexibility to optimize properties & cost and provide ease of application to your customer.

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Sripath Products for Roofing Formulations

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