A Unique Innovative Polymer Additive.

PGXpand® enhances high temperature properties and delivers outstanding rutting resistance, fatigue properties & durability.

Unique Polymer Additive for Every Challenge

PGXpand® is a uniquely engineered innovative plastomeric polymer designed to enhance high temperature performance of bitumen without impacting low temperature properties.  PGXpand® lowers viscosity, improves workability, supports higher filler loads, and allows for lower SBS levels in formulations.

PGXpand® is highly dosage efficient, storage stable and easily mixes into bitumen using low shear mixers and short mixing times.  It helps lower energy consumption, reduces production and transportation costs, and improves workability.

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Improve the Performance Grade


Increase the Softening Point

Properties & Performance

Enhance High Temperature Performance & Improve Rutting Resistance on Roadways

Plant Operation Friendly

  • Low Shear Mixing Process

  • Short Mixing Times

  • High Storage Stability

  • Allows Higher Polymer Content in Concentrates

Helps Reduce PMB Cost

  • Lower Energy Consumed to Create PMB

  • Lower Temperature / Energy to Pave

  • Highly Dosage Efficient Compared to Elastomeric Polymers

Excellent Performance

  • Boosts High Temperature Performance, Paving Grade & Softening Point

  • Does Not Impact on Low Temperature Properties

  • Delivers Excellent Rutting Resistance & Fatigue Properties

  • Provides Outstanding Property Profile on Roadway

  • Lowers PMB Viscosity & Improves Mix Workability – Easier Compactability

  • Provides Excellent Durability

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