ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ For Paving

A petro-chemical based additive developed for both the Paving & Roofing Industries, ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ has been designed with polymer compatibility and stability as cornerstone properties. ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ is used in a wide variety of asphalts where it helps improve low temperature properties (Low PG grade, Stress Relaxation, Low temperature fatigue and fracture). It also promotes stability and compatibility in polymer formulations and helps reduce viscosity. This top product has found use in Emulsions, Scrub, Fog and Chip Seals. It is also used in low PG grade modification of many asphalts. It is very stable at production and use temperatures. A free-flowing liquid at moderate temperatures, ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ is available in bulk trucks and by special request, 55-gallon drums. Trial quantities are available.

Please note that the ReNUBIT™ product is marketed under the brand names ReNUBIT™ or ReGENR8™ in various countries around the world.

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Effects on Base Binder Grading

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ addition helps improve low temperature grade.

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Viscosity Profile

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ is a free flowing liquid even at ambient temperatures.

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Bending Beam Rheometer Results

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ dramatically improves low temperature performance of paving asphalts, decreasing stiffness, increasing the “m value” and aiding low temperature stress relaxation.

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Mix Design

Mix designs with ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ meet and exceed applicable specifications.

ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ in 100% RAP

Adding ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ to 100% RAP mixes can cost effectively meet specifications. Field core samples show excellent balance of fracture toughness and rutting resistance.

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Fatigue Resistance

Linear Amplitude Sweep (LAS) Tests demonstrate that ReNUBIT™/ReGENR8™ addition to asphalt results in improved fatigue life and damage tolerance, especially at high strain levels.